You know you want to engage your audience with video, but there are so many different avenues your company can take. What kind of videos make sense for your brand? Do you shoot a live action video or do you hire an animation company?

Both styles come with their own their unique advantages and disadvantages. Today, we are going to explain why businesses find animated videos to be a great option for engaging their audience.

1. Animated Videos are Easier to Consume

During an average day of work, customers are exposed to seemingly endless amounts of spreadsheets, emails, and other mundane tasks. Because our minds tend to associate animated videos closely with entertainment, the audience is naturally inclined to be relaxed and receptive.

2. Present Abstract Concepts With Ease

Explaining some of the more intricate and complicated aspects of your business to the general public can be difficult to accomplish with words alone. Visuals provide the opportunity to explain a complicated concept to your audience efficiently with a quick motion, visual metaphor or infographic.

In the following video example, see how the animated visuals work together with the audio voiceover to effectively communicate the complex concept of converting an RRSP into an RRIF.

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3. More Creative Freedom

Compared to a live action video, animated videos allow more creative freedom. If the only way to explain your concept is to show someone performing a backflip off of a skyscraper, you don’t need to take out an ad for a professional stuntman. Animated videos allow your wildest visions to come to life without compromise.

4. More Financial Flexibility

A lot more than just budget goes into live action video. Your team invests extra time and resources to bring together the right location, lighting, sound, actors — all for one critical day of shooting. What if there’s was a mistake during filming or the talent is sick? It can be an even more timely and expensive process to get everyone back together.

5. Post Production Flexibility

Post-production for animated videos is a far less complicated process. Simply let the animator know you want to change the style, voice, or theme, and it’s done with relative ease. If you’re not happy with the end product of a live action video, you’re likely to look at booking an expensive reshoot.

Best Practices for Creating Effective Animated Business Videos

You know what a great animated business video looks like. It’s clean, professional, and you retain the message long after the initial viewing. Animated videos can risk becoming ineffective when the following best practices are not applied:

  • Keep the presentation simple
  • Make sure the message gets across
  • Don’t overcomplicate the message
  • Ensure the style fits your brand
  • Keep your message short
  • Use a professional voice over
  • Choose fitting background music

Create Personalized Animated Videos for Your Business

Creating animated videos allows you to take advantage of the benefits we discussed in this article. When you add a level of personalization to your video, you can create content that engages customers on a deeper, more personal level. See what we mean in the video below:

For more insight into how you create better leads with personalized animated videos for your business, stay tuned to the BlueRush Blog. See how IndiVideo can help create amazing personalized experiences to drive in more conversions for your team.


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