& How You Can Boost Response In Future Videos

So, you invested in a video marketing strategy and after a couple months, you haven’t seen results. Don’t panic.

As marketers, we are always testing to gauge what type of content works for our audiences. If a video you release doesn’t drive the engagement you were hoping to receive, you can learn from content that didn’t work so well in order to make better videos in the future.

We’ve put together a couple reasons why videos sometimes fail to meet expectations, and illustrate some areas you might want to look to, in order to start getting the responses you need.

1video engagement. Your Video Doesn’t Immediately Grab Their Attention

Your customer only has so much patience so you have to earn their interest quickly. Once your ad starts playing on a platform like YouTube, so does a 5-second timer. Your video has 5 seconds to interest the consumer before they have the ability to skip. Roughly 65% of users will skip online video ads when given the opportunity. Before you submit your video, stop to think why the consumer would want to watch beyond the first couple of seconds.

2. The Content Is Irrelevant to Your Consumer

Customers will seek out videos for information that pertains to their unique problem or situation. While an animated explainer video is a great way to introduce your insurance company and your portfolio of products, it’s not going help someone who is looking specifically for something such as “the best RV Insurance”.

Identify the unique needs of the different types of customers you are looking for, and drive them to content that offers them solutions.

3. Too Much Hard Selling

Even if your product or service is the most amazing thing in the world, it can be detrimental to your marketing initiatives if you have to constantly remind your target audience how great you are. At some point, your audience may start to feel you are shoving too much down their throat.

Not every piece of content has to be self-promoting. Your videos should engage consumers in a story, make them learn something, and discuss things related to your industry. Only then can you build a level of trust.

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4. Your Target Audience Can’t Find the Video

You can’t gauge the feedback on your video if no one has seen it. Here are a few methods you can take to ensure your audience is exposed to the video.

  • Paid promotions on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram.
  • Free promotions on your social media accounts, blog, website, etc.
  • Give it an interesting title, meta-tags, closed captioning, and incorporate all of the necessary SEO elements so it can be found organically on YouTube or in Google Searches.

5. Lack of Production Quality

Your customers are exposed to nearly 5.5 hours of video content a day. They’re experts on what’s good and what’s not. If your videos are not at least on par with the excellent quality videos your competitors are putting up every day, it can be hard to establish a level of authority. If your videos are bad – is your product or service bad as well? If the video is the first impression your customer has of your company, it has to be a great one.

6.  Your Video Is Too Complicated

A video can become complicated very quickly, and in many different ways. Sometimes, companies will try to cram too much information into what was supposed to be a short, simple video. Sometimes the brand will try to utilize too much industry jargon or buzzwords, leaving customers a little confused about what you’re trying to say.

Overloading your customers with too much information means they will juggle several different takeaways, or none at all. The most memorable videos are simple and get to the point.

Create More Engaging Videos

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