Make Lasting Impressions with Personalization Marketing

52% of marketers agree that video is the content with the highest ROI. There is no doubt that investing in a solid video marketing strategy can be lucrative – but how do we take video to the next level?

With one-third of online activity spent watching video, and with customers exposed to as many as 3000 messages per day, it can be difficult to find new ways for your brand to stand out from the clutter. That’s why marketers are taking advantage of the power of personalized videos.

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Why Consumers Respond More to Personalized Video

Interactive personalized video is the most effective and engaging medium there is. Until recently, the ability to create personalized content tailored to each individual customer was not possible – let alone through video.

To the customer, a personalized video is something they can call their own – even if it’s just their monthly account statement.

Here are a few reasons why personalized videos should be a part of your long term video strategy.

1. Customers Like Content That Speaks to Their Needs

At the end of the day, the most important thing to a customer is their own interests. Any video can appeal to a broad set of wants and desires. Personalized content narrows the appeal and takes video one step further.

Video can be personalized in real-time by having the viewer input information. This interactivity is great for increasing engagement. If you integrate a personalized video with your CRM database, you will not only gain the customer’s attention by using their name, but also information such as their geographic region, industry, account information, tendencies and shopping patterns. Using this type of information to your advantage, you can create a personalized experience that is specific to each audience member.

See how in the example from an Allstate insurance quote below.

2. Customers Like to Feel in Control

When customers engage with interactive personalized content, they feel empowered. They are in the driver’s seat, and the brand is offering content specifically to them. There’s no confusion or irrelevant content. They get everything they are looking for, in one short video made just for them.

Customers often have to sift through endless amounts of information just to find content that pertains to them. When they can’t find it quickly, they will look for a competitor who can provide the answers and solutions they are looking for faster and more conveniently.

The better you are able to understand who the customer is, and deliver personalized experiences tailored specifically for them, the stronger your relationship with that customer will become.

3. Customers Crave Personalized Journeys

Your engaging personalized videos are what got your customers to sign up. So it’s important to maintain that level of personalization throughout their customer journey. The longer a customer is with you, the more data you will be able to leverage to create even more engaging video content.

Through your entire customer journey, personalized video will increase sales, boost customer engagement, and ultimately create a stronger relationship with your brand. Your customer’s personalized experience with your brand can continue through statements, renewals, special offers, and every future interaction.

See how IndiVideo creates personalized video that engages with your customer throughout their entire journey in the video below.

Create everlasting relationships with your customers

Personalized video marketing is the best way to drive engagement with your target audience. Your customers are looking for brands that speak their language and appeal to their needs.

If you’re looking to leverage your brand with personalized video marketing, IndiVideo by BlueRush is the video platform that delivers. Watch our video above to see how IndiVideo works and experience a free trial today.


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About the Author:

Len Smofsky is Executive Vice-President of BlueRush – a leading digital services and solutions company. Len leads the Individeo™ team of personalized video specialists and strategists, with a focus on personalizing the customer journey.

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