IndiVideo is our interactive and personalized video platform.

Using a combination of real-time interactivity, math and logic processing, and visual storytelling, IndiVideo helps customers make better financial decisions at all points in the customer journey.

Digital customer journeys have a key glaring gap; providing personalized education for each and every customer to help them progress with confidence in choosing their financial products. That is the gap that IndiVideo is filling. To learn more, watch our live demonstration at Finovate Fall!

personalized video buyer's guide


Since 2003, our tools have helped the top North American financial institutions, including wealth, banking, and insurance, to create empowering and competitive digital financial experiences. We’re revitalizing financial tools and services to help your customers make active financial decisions with absolute confidence in your products.

If you’d like our expert opinion, contact us.

About the Author:

Rielle Ullberg has worked to implement SaaS solutions for organizations both big and small. She is a fintech fanatic and communications enthusiast. In her role at BLUERUSH, Rielle leads marketing and facilitates the company's digital strategy. Email her at

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